Tax Returns for US Taxpayers With non-US Financial Interests

If you own property and/or have other financial interests outside of the United States, you need a specialist in international – as well as US taxation to prepare your US tax return. The US tax code is complicated, and things get really complicated when tax regulations of another country or two are added to the mix. I will help you better understand the relevant parts of US tax law, and then I will work with you to make certain that your tax-filing requirements are met.

My qualifications include:

  • More than twenty years experience in taxation services, including six years concentrating on the special needs of expatriates and foreign nationals. My focus is on comprehensive compliance, tax, and compensation issues dealing with tax laws and treaties, for inbound and outbound international assignees.
  • Three years “Big Four” accounting firm background as well as employment with smaller, regional accounting firms. In addition, two years working for a large employer overseeing tax matters concerning employees in several foreign countries.
  • Internal Revenue Service “Enrolled Agent.”
  • Law degrees (LLB and LLM) from The Netherlands and an MST from the United States.
  • Fluent in Dutch and English, and competent in French and German.
Our goal is to minimize taxpayer obligations, including possible penalties, in compliance with applicable US and foreign tax laws.

Sandra M. van Wachem, MST, EA
Tulpen Tax Advisory, LLC
P.0. Box 1012, 75 Barrett Drive,
Webster, NY 14580